Oper im Park

St Anton am Arlberg

Così fan Tutte!

13 and 15 August 2015

Fiordiligi: Heidi Adair

Dorabella: Elizabeth Mitchell

Guglielmo, Lover of Fiordiligi: Michael Chipman

Ferrando, Lover of Dorabella: Maciej Ufniak

Despina, a maid: Susan Brownfield

and Don Alfonso, an old philosopher: Valerian Ruminski

Regisseur: David Schmidt

Musik: Kenneth Plain

Stage Manager: Stephanie Ellis

Set in 18th century Naples, the opera opens with Don Alfonso's wager with Ferrando and Guglielmo. He wagers that the two girls, Fiordiligi and Dorabella, are no more trustworthy in matters of love than any other women. In their garden the girls sing of their love, interrupted by Don Alfonso, who tells them that their lovers are to be called away to the war. The couples part, faithfulness now pledged again. Despina,the maid, is bribed by Don Alfonso. She urges the girls to find other lovers, but they declare their constancy. Guglielmo and Ferrando return, disguised as Albanians, but the girls remain firm. When the men pretend to take poison, necessitating the attentions of Despina disguised as a doctor and using the magnetic techniques of Mozart's friend Dr Mesmer to effect a cure, they seem to waver.

In the second act, the girls agree to Despina's suggestion of harmless flirtation, each unwittingly choosing the other's partner. The success of the two Albanians, in spite of Fiordiligi's more prolonged resistance, leads to a quick wedding, with Despina now disguised as the notary. The men now appear as themselves and pretend shock and horror at what is afoot, before revealing their plot. All ends happily, as Don Alfonso urges the power of reason in these circumstances.

Hänsel und Gretel


14 and 16 August 2014

Gretel: Heidi Adair


Hexe/Mutter: Elizabeth Mitchell

Vater: Gregory Smith

Sandmann/Taufee: Susan Brownfield

Regisseur: David Schmidt

Musik: Justine Verdier

Don Pasquale 

By Donizetti

August 2013

Don Pasquale: Valerian Ruminski
Norina: Heidi Adair

Malatesta: Kevin Blickfeldt

Ernesto: Kerry Jennings

Director: David Schmidt

Music: Justine Verdier

Guitar: Anna Maria Hörtnagl

Art by: Peppi Spiss

Die Entführung aus dem Serail

by Mozart

August 2012

Belmonte: Brian Manternach

Konstanze: Heidi Adair

Osmin: Andrew Young

Blonde: Emily Nelson

Pedrillo: Michael Hendricks

Bassa Selim: Carlo-Emmanuele Esposito

Director: David Schmidt

Pianist/Music Director: Emily Williams

Art: Peppi Spiss


Rudi-Matt-Weg 10 , St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria